Ecole élémentaire catholique Saint-Jean-Baptiste & Saint-Grégoire

We are proud of our beautiful region and the local businesses that surround us! A few months ago, Assurance Théorêt Martel Insurance contacted us to order this decagonal table for École élémentaire catholique Saint-Grégoire as well as École élémentaire catholique Saint-Jean-Baptiste A great gift for this Vankleek Hill school! This morning we installed the new...

Bay run

Theoret & Martel is a proud sponsor of La Baie Run. The funds raised are donated to the HGH Foundation for a total of $50,000.

Autism awareness (Flotilla)

We are so proud to be sponsoring Flotilla this year. Raising awareness for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is very important to us. ASD is a developmental disability caused by differences in the brain and it affects many households in our community.

École élémentaire catholique Curé-Labrosse

Thanks to community partners Assurance Théorêt & Martel and G. Dupont Construction, our students and staff enjoyed some great ice cream this afternoon! It was smiles all around. Mr. Eric was very pleased that he managed to surprise everyone. Thank you Shawn and Émilien!

Fondation HGH Foundation

A big thank you to François Martel and Théorêt & Martel Insurance Brokers! To celebrate his successful and fulfilling career, and to give back to his community, François (Frank) Martel donated $15,000 to the HGH Foundation. An additional $10,000 was donated to the HGH Foundation from Théorêt & Martel Insurance...

Sacha’s Park

Sacha’s Park- Where everyone can play. Opened in L’Orignal, Ont. in June 2017. This park is accessible to all of the children in our community and beyond as it is wheelchair accessible. Theoret & Martel is very proud to have submitted the entry for Sacha’s Park to the Aviva Community...